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Consulting & Knowledge Transfer
Eawag - Aquatic Research
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Consulting & Knowledge Transfer

Consulting & Knowledge Transfer

Eawag supports the translation of research findings into practice through knowledge and technology transfer, expert consulting and service on committees.

The Expert portal is a source of information on Eawag experts in various disciplines for interested practitioners and scientists.

Eawag members are also represented in numerous Networks. In this way, they can ensure constant communication with other researchers, decision makers and the practice in national and international committees.

Furthermore, Eawag has specific procurements in the areas of fishery advisory and applied ecotoxicology. The purpose of the Swiss Centre for Applied Ecotoxicology and the Fisheries Advisory Office (FIBER) is to make scientific knowledge available to the public.

Knowledge or technology transfer can take the form of scientific cooperation or a service contract. More detailed information is available under Knowledge and Technology transfer.

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