Christoph Ort

Dr. Christoph Ort

Group Leader

Department Urban Water Management

About Me

Research Interest
Wastewater is one of the most information-rich and dynamic waste streams of our society. My interests lie in source typing and tracking of water-borne pollutants such as personal care products, pharmaceuticals and illicit drugs in both the built and natural environment. I combine full scale measurements, modeling (deterministic and stochastic) and laboratory experiments.

Wastewater-based epidemiology

Sampling and monitoring design; processes in sewers; transformation of parent and metabolites in sewers (lab and full scale experiments)

Wet-weather discharges
Micropollutants from urban areas; separate and combined sewers; prediction based on land use

Source control
Quantification of hospital wastewater; comparison to other sources (households)

Pollutant fluxes in natural water bodies
Micropollutant removal; modeling and monitoring concepts; resource allocation


SEWPROF Sewage profiling at the community level - A new paradigm in drug use and human health risk assessment (Marie Curie ITN, grant agreement no 317205)

SCORE Sewage analysis CORe group Europe (COST ES1307)

DIMES II (link follows shortly)

PhD students

  • Lena Mutzner (Project DIMES II, supervisor, advisor Prof. Max Maurer ETHZ/Eawag)
  • Ann-Kathrin McCall (Project SEWPROF, supervisor, advisor Prof. Eberhard Morgenroth ETHZ/Eawag)

Links to Publications

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Selected publications

Logar,I.; Brouwer,R.; Maurer,M.; Ort,C. (2014) Cost-benefit analysis of the Swiss national policy on reducing micropollutants in treated wastewater, Environmental Science and Technology, 48(21), 12500-12508, doi:10.1021/es502338j, Institutional Repository
O'Brien,J.W.; Thai,P.K.; Eaglesham,G.; Ort,C.; Scheidegger,A.; Carter,S.; Lai,F.Y.; Mueller,J.F. (2014) A model to estimate the population contributing to the wastewater using samples collected on census day, Environmental Science and Technology, 48(1), 517-525, doi:10.1021/es403251g, Institutional Repository
Ort,C.; Eppler,J.M.; Scheidegger,A.; Rieckermann,J.; Kinzig,M.; Sörgel,F. (2014) Challenges of surveying wastewater drug loads of small populations and generalizable aspects on optimizing monitoring design, Addiction, 109(3), 472-481, doi:10.1111/add.12405, Institutional Repository
Ort,C.; van Nuijs,A.L.N.; Berset,J.D.; Bijlsma,L.; Castiglioni,S.; Covaci,A.; de Voogt,P.; Emke,E.; Fatta-Kassinos,D.; Griffiths,P.; Hernández,F.; González-Mariño,I.; Grabic,R.; Kasprzyk-Hordern,B.; Mastroianni,N.; Meierjohann,A.; Nefau,T.; Östman,M.; Pico,Y.; Racamonde,I.; Reid,M.; Slobodnik,J.; Terzic,S.; Thomaidis,N.; Thomas,K.V. (2014) Spatial differences and temporal changes in illicit drug use in Europe quantified by wastewater analysis, Addiction, 109(8), 1338-1352, doi:10.1111/add.12570, Institutional Repository
Lai,F.Y.; Anuj,S.; Bruno,R.; Carter,S.; Gartner,C.; Hall,W.; Kirkbride,K.P.; Mueller,J.F.; O'Brien,J.W.; Prichard,J.; Thai,P.K.; Ort,C. (2015) Systematic and day-to-day effects of chemical-derived population estimates on wastewater-based drug epidemiology, Environmental Science and Technology, 49(2), 999-1008, doi:10.1021/es503474d, Institutional Repository

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Phone: +41 58 765 5277
Fax: +41 58 765 5802
Address: Eawag
Überlandstrasse 133
8600 Dübendorf
Office: BU B11

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