Jakob Brodersen

Dr. Jakob Brodersen

Department Fish Ecology & Evolution

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Group leader river fish ecology

Research interests
My main interest is ecoligical and evolutionary predator-prey interactions and the relationship of these to ecosystem dynamics. In part of my research, I study the role of piscivorous fish as top-predators. Whereas much previous research, including my own, has focused on how predators affect prey behavior, ecology and evolution, much less effort has been paid to the effects of prey on predators. My studies on this include effects of prey diversity on predator diversification and effects of prey migration on predator ecology.

Parallel to this, I spend a significant part of my research studying migration ecology. An important question in my research is why some individuals choose to migrate whereas others stay resident. Further, the temporal change in spatial abundance patterns caused by migration can have consequences on ecosystem dynamics. However, since the variation in migratory patterns between populations and between individuals within populations is affected by variation in the ecosystem, it challenges our traditional mechanistic views on causes and consequences in ecosystem dynamics.

My study systems for the trophic diversification dynamics studies include larger Alpine and sub-Alpine lakes in Switzerland and coastal lakes in New England, USA. My studies on migration effects are carried out in lakes and streams in Denmark and southern Sweden.

Effects of prey migration on predator ecology and evolution (Sweden/Denmark). Funded by Swedish Research Council.
Eco-evolutionary feedback loops between prey and predator diversification

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isotopes, ecology

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