Department Fish Ecology and Evolution

Fisheries Advisory Service

FIBER – Advisory service and training for fishermen

The Swiss Fisheries Advisory Service acts as a link between fishery-related research and administration as well as angling. FIBER provides scientific findings and information on management developments in the areas of aquatic environments, fish ecology and fisheries management.

For the period 2013-2015 FIBER is concentrating on three focal points:

  • the improvement of fish habitats and biodiversity
  • maintenance and facilitation of natural spawning and
  • the promotion of sustainable fishing based on advisory services and training for fishermen.

To this end FIBER organises courses and workshops on a regular basis and publishes brochures or newsletters on current issues.

The FIBER newsletter is published three to four times a year.

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FIBER homepage

Governing Board

  • Jakob Brodersen, Eawag
  • Andreas Knutii, Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN)
  • Samuel Gründler, Swiss Anglers Association (SFV-FSP
  • Jean-Daniel Wicky, (JFK
  • Markus Flück, Swiss Association of Fisheries Wardens (SVFA)