Geogenic Contamination Handbook

This digital resource offers information and guidelines for practitioners dealing with arsenic- and fluoride-contaminated drinking water in developing countries.

Note: because the handbook includes many embedded documents, it is a very large file (42 MB)! If you would like a version on CD, please contact Anja Bretzler.

Individual chapters

  • Chapter 1(Front matter, introduction)[2.3MB]
  • Chapter 2(Geogenic contamination)[5.4MB]
  • Chapter 3(Nutritional intake and health risks of arsenic and fluoride)[1.2MB]
  • Chapter 4(Water sampling and analysis)[11.5MB]
  • Chapter 5(Institutional settings and enabling environments)[1.7MB]
  • Chapter 6(Financial viability for drinking-water services)[1.1MB]
  • Chapter 7(Mitigation options)[8.6MB]
  • Chapter 8(A guide to behaviour change)[11.3MB]
  • Chapter 9(Case studies and applications)[4.1MB]