Inputs for Societal Decision Making

Integrating social-, natural- and engineering sciences

Decisions regarding the allocation and management of water resources, investment in water infrastructure and environmental protection almost always involve conflicting interests. Scientific input can help decision makers and resource managers anticipate the consequences of interventions. Socio-economic and policy analysis provides insight into the contexts in which decisions are made and implemented.


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May 2, 2017

A conflict is developing in Africa’s Lake Victoria between fish farming in cages and the “normal” fishing industry. Added to that are other factors such as invasive species, wastewater pollution, pesticides and dam construction are putting the unique ecosystem under increasing pressure.  Read more

April 19, 2017

In early 2015, the National Cooperative for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste, Nagra, proposed two locations for storage in deep geological repositories. Read more


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Eawag Dübendorf

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Consulting and knowledge transfer


Dr. Karim Abbaspour
  • drinking water
  • groundwater
  • modeling
  • transdisciplinary research
PD Dr. Heiko Gebauer
  • developing countries
  • urban planning
  • technology concepts
  • transdisciplinary research
Prof. Dr. Janet Hering
  • biogeochemistry
  • sustainable water management
  • water treatment
  • water quality
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Truffer
  • wastewater
  • decentralized technologies
  • transdisciplinary research
  • hydropower
Prof. Dr. Hong Yang
  • decision analysis
  • modeling