Preserve biodiversity

Concerns about the preservation of biodiversity often end up on the losing side when it comes to weighing conflicting interests in the balance, and its loss is usually only quantified in financial terms when it is already too late. Eawag is researching what biodiversity really means, what benefits it brings, and what measures can be employed to preserve it.


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December 15, 2016

In the past, Lakes Zurich and Greifen have repeatedly been affected by blooms of potentially toxic cyanobacteria. This was confirmed by an analysis of sedimentary DNA carried out by Eawag scientists. Read more

November 17, 2016

The residual flow in the Sarine River is insufficient to maintain its dynamic flow. Research is currently being carried out as part of the “Energy Turnaround” National Research Programme (NRP 70), to ascertain whether hydropower can be made more environmentally friendly through controlled experimental flooding. The first experimental flood event has taken place, and researchers are now analysing all the data and records that have been collected. Read more

Scientific publications

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Prof. Dr. Martin Ackermann
  • bacteria
  • genetics
  • antibiotics
  • resistances
  • evolution
  • ecology
Prof. Dr. Florian Altermatt
  • biodiversity
  • genetics
  • modeling
  • ecology
  • Ecosystems
Dr. Jakob Brodersen
  • isotopes
  • ecology
Dr. Helmut Bürgmann
  • bacterioplankton
  • microbes
  • surface water
Prof. Dr. Jukka Jokela
  • algae
  • aquatic ecotoxicology
  • fish
  • genetics
  • plankton
  • proteomics
Prof. Dr. Ole Seehausen
  • fish
  • genetics
  • ecology
  • evolution
Dr. Piet Spaak
  • plankton
  • sediments