Call for collaboration with the Water Hub

Let’s collaborate on developing technologies for resource-oriented sanitation

The Water Hub in the NEST building provides a platform for the development of building scale technologies and for research on resource-oriented sanitation in partnership with people in the field and industry. Concepts and technologies can be put to the test in our living lab and further developed. The spectrum can range from broad concepts to specific features, such as sensors or building-scale reactors.

Do you have questions you would like to explore together with Eawag researchers? Do you have technologies you would like to test under real/realistic conditions? Collaboration proposals must fit one or more of our key topics:

  • Closing nutrient cycles by recovering nutrients from urine
  • Closing water cycles by treating greywater for reuse
  • Dewatering of blackwater and further processing of the solid fraction to recover energy
  • Any solution that might facilitate or improve decentralised, resource-oriented sanitation

The Water Hub can provide seed funding for small applied and explorative projects for a maximum duration of six months. This allows for the quick testing of new ideas. Exploratory partnerships among people in research, industry and/or practice can be developed that could lead to larger projects.

If you work in industry or practice and this has sparked your interest, please contact us! We are excited to hear about your ideas and to explore potential projects. For more information on the Water Hub, visit our project website below.

  • Carina Doll:, +41 58 765 54 42
  • Giuseppe Congiu:, +41 58 765 57 71

Project Websites

NEST building
Nachhaltiges urbanes Wasser- und Abwassermanagement angewandt und umgesetzt im modularen NEST-Gebäude.
An inter- and transdisciplinary strategic research program that strives to develop novel non-gridconnected water and sani- tation systems that can function as comparable alternatives to network-based systems.