Online-Biomonitoring and In Situ-Bioassays

25. Oktober 2022, 9:00 Uhr - 17:00 Uhr

Eawag Dübendorf und Online

Oekotoxkurs 2/2022
This course provides an overview on the application of online-biomonitoring and in situ-bioassays to monitor the quality of water, soil and sediments.
Online-biomonitoring is applied to evaluate water quality in a high time resolution using aquatic organisms as indicators and therefore allow insights into peak introduction patterns. To date, it is mainly established for drinking water and surface water assessment; an application for wastewater is currently being explored.
In situ-bioassays, exposing organisms directly in their natural environment e.g. in cages, are established for different environmental compartments, such as water, sediment and soil.

An overview of both areas will be followed by presentations of selected case studies for different environmental matrices and compartments. Future research needs and perspectives for the application of online-biomonitoring and in situ-bioassays in regulation will also be discussed.

Lead: Dr. Cornelia Kienle, Dr. Benoît Ferrari (both Oekotoxzentrum)