Extension and renovation of the old experimental facility in Dübendorf

In 2001 a pilot-scale test facility was built to house laboratory equipment. The facility is particularly designed for waste water research, but current and future research activities require an increased amount of space for research equipment in the fields of drinking water and aquatic ecology. The «Aquatikum»  construction project should address these needs.

The old experimental facility that was built in 1970 and had since been used for other purposes will now be converted and extended (+ 1000m2 net floor area). The new uses of the building will be as follows:

Basement:   For carrying out larger series of experiments with small and microorganisms at defined, stable temperatures
Ground floor:   Drinking water research and storage and reloading spaces for field materials
First floor:   Flexible special laboratories and store rooms
Roof space:   Open air experimentes (e.g. mesocosmen)