Miguel Leal

Dr. Miguel Leal

Eawag Research Fellow

Department Fish Ecology & Evolution

About Me

Eawag research fellow

Research interests

I am a marine biologist with broad interests in aquatic ecology, but specifically I am interested to explore the links between trophic interactions, evolutionary and ecological diversity, and ecosystem functioning. My research uses biochemical and molecular methods to investigate food webs, as well as ecological stoichiometry to provide an intersection between ecosystem science and evolutionary biology.

I have also been focused on photosynthetic symbioses in animals, such as symbiotic corals and "solar-powered" sea slugs, as well as blue biotechnology, particularly marine bioprospecting, seafood traceability and aquaculture of marine invertebrates.

Most Recent Publications

  • Calado R, Leal MC (2015) Trophic ecology of benthic marine invertebrates with bi-phasic life cycles: What are we still missing? Advances in Marine Biology 71: 1-70 view
  • Ricardo F, Génio L, Leal MC, Albuquerque R, Queiroga H, Rosa R, Calado R (2015) Trace element fingerprinting of cockle (Cerastoderma edule) shells can reveal harvesting location in adjacent areas. Scientific Reports 5: 11932 view
  • Leal MC, Vaz MCM, Puga J, Rocha RJM, Brown C, Rosa R, Calado R (2015) Marine ornamental fish imports in the European Union: an economic perspective. Fish and Fisheries early view
  • Leal MC, Pimentel T, Ricardo F, Rosa R, Calado R (2015) Seafood traceability: current needs, available tools, and biotechnological challenges for origin certification. Trends in Biotechnology 33:331-336 view

Selected Publications

  • Leal MC, Hoadley K, Pettay DT, Grajales A, Calado R, Warner ME (2015) Symbiont type influences trophic plasticity of a model cnidarian-dniflagellate symbiosis. Journal of Experimental Biology 218: 858-863 view
  • Leal MC, Ferrier-Pagès C, Calado R, Thompson ME, Frischer ME, Nesjtgaard JC (2014) Coral feeding on microalgae assessed with molecular trophic markers. Molecular Ecology 23: 3870-3876 view
  • Leal MC, Nejstgaard JC, Calado R, Thompson ME, Frischer ME (2014) Molecular assessment of heterotrophy and prey digestion in zooxanthellate cnidarians. Molecular Ecology 23: 3838-3848 view
  • Leal MC, Calado R, Sheridan C, Alimonti A, Osinga R (2013) Coral aquaculture to support drug discovery. Trends in Biotechnology 31: 555-561 view
  • Leal MC, Puga J, Serodio J, Gomes NCM, Calado R (2012) Trends in the discovery of new marine natural products over the last two decades - where and what are we bioprospecting? PLoS One 7: e30580 view

For a full list of my publications please check my Google Scholar profile.

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Curriculum Vitae

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This person does no longer work at Eawag. Please contact for further information.

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Research Focus

trophic interactions;

molecular trophic markers;

photosynthetic symbioses;


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