We document life on the Chriesbach and its changes continually. Here is a small selection of photos. Please note also the webcam on the homepage.

Before beginning construction near the international school (12 December 2012)
Start of work near the outlet into the Glatt (29 January 2013)
Professional briefing at the site (16 January 2013)
The Chriesbach still flowing absolutely straight and unvarying (18 January 2013)
Channel widened in lowest section (1 February 2013)
Bringing in the machinery (8 March 2013)
View taken on 22 March 2013
Beginning construction on the Eawag site (26 April 2013)
The natural formations gradually become visible (24 May 2013)
View taken on 26 March 2014
17 May 2014: Public inauguration of the revitalised section, featuring a duck race (© Andres Jordi, Eawag)
School class “researching” aquatic life in the Chriesbach (© AquaViva)
July 2015: Children of Empa employees learn in a summer camp how to build a bridge over the revitalised Chriesbach (© Empa)