Academic guests

The staff at Eawag maintain regular contact with colleagues from all over the world, many of whom spend time at Eawag as academic guests. We welcome our international colleagues with open arms, and are delighted to be able to offer them an outstanding infrastructure for their research work.

Important prerequisite for a guest residency

The prerequisite for a guest residency is a valid permit from the immigration authorities. In certain circumstances, proof of a guest's financial situation is required, and insurance arrangements also have to be made. The department issuing your invitation will be pleased to support you through this process.

Masters and Bachelors students also come to Eawag as guests

Detailed information on professorships at Eawag, along with contact details and advertised dissertation places can be found here.

Guest accommodation

Eawag has a number of apartments available for accommodating international academic guests in Dübendorf and Kastanienbaum.

The Empa-Eawag Guest Accommodation Organisation in Dübendorf has a total of 116 guest rooms across 40 apartments. The property is built to Minergie standards, and all of the apartments are stylishly furnished and comfortably equipped. Within walking distance of Eawag, the building is also ideally located for public transport links, with both the airport and the centre of Zurich within easy reach. The area around the property has natural landscaping, and there is a local recreation area just a stone's throw away.

For guests staying in Kastanienbaum, there are four apartments of various sizes available in Horw.

The process for reserving a guest apartment or room depends on the location, but in both cases, the first point of contact is the departmental administrative office, where the staff will be pleased to help you. You can find the contact details for this on the relevant department page.