Turning research into practical applications

Our competence centres promote exchanges between science and practice and initiate joint research projects.
The consultancy work of Eawag complements the services provided by private firms.

Eawag operates a number of competence centres which address challenges arising in the water sector. These centres promote exchanges between scientific disciplines and practice and initiate joint research projects. For example, in the "Regional Water Supplies Basel-Landschaft 21" project, the Competence Centre for Drinking Water were collaborating with the cantonal authorities on a study of ground and drinking water contamination in various parts of the canton.

The Fishery Advice Service Center (Fiber) - jointly run by Eawag, the Federal Office for the Environment and the Swiss Fishing Federation - provides information on scientific findings and advice on aquatic ecology and fishery management.

The Ecotox Centre studies and assesses the effects of chemicals on the aquatic environment.

Eawag participates in the Water Agenda 21 (German) network, which offers a platform for dialogue among the various actors in Switzerland's water sector.

Examples of collaboration and consulting

The page "Partners and Projects in Switzerland" shows consulting and scientific collaboration in various Swiss cantons.

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