Publications for practitioners

Eawag’s newsletter contains articles on topics that are relevant to practical applications in the aquatic field. It is published six times a year in German, French and English. In addition, two special newsletters a year provide in-depth information on a current research topic at Eawag.

In the archive, older issues of the former publication "Eawag News" are available for download in German, English, French and Chinese.

The Annual Report gives a wide-ranging account of current Eawag projects. It is published in English, French and German.

Sandec News, which is produced by the "Sanitation, Water and Solid Waste for Development" department, provides information in the areas of water treatment, urban sanitation, sewage disposal and waste management in developing countries. The newsletter is published once a year in English.

The latest scientific facts in topics with current political relevance are compiled in the Eawag Fact Sheets. These provide information and background material to aid those involved in decision-making, and are published in German, French and English.

Topic pages and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)