Department Process Engineering

Project: Innovative Methods for Wastewater Treatment Plant Optimization


The project Innovative methods for wastewater treatment plant optimization – Development of advanced adaptive software modules for SCADA systems to reduce energy and resources consumption is a collaborative research project supported by Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (KTI) with Rittmeyer AG and the Winterthur wastewater treatment plant. In the project, software tools are developed for the minimization of energy and resource consumption in small- and large-scale wastewater treatment plants. A holistic approach is taken in which environmental safety, cost and long-term sustainability are jointly considered during optimization. Several modules will be developed for different aspects of this challenging goal. These modules will be aimed at the monitoring of data and process quality, prognosis and diagnosis of equipment and process units and supervisory control and operational decision-making.


Funding:Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI)
Partners:Rittmeyer AG
Winterthur ARA Hard wastewater treatment plant
Spike staff:Christian Thürlimann