Department Process Engineering

Software: DM

The DM toolbox is a collection of data-driven modelling routines implemented by and used in our group. This first version of the toolbox was developed specifically for comparison with the shape constrained spline function methodology.

Citing the DM toolbox

Are you using the DM toolbox in research work to be published? If so, please include explicit mention of this toolbox in your publication. We suggest language such as this: "To generate this model we used the DM toolbox, a package for  data-driven modelling [1]." with the following corresponding entry in your bibliography:

Habermacher, J., Villez, K. (2016). Shape Anomaly Detection for Process Monitoring of a Sequencing Batch Reactor. Computers and Chemical Engineering, Accepted, In Press.


  • DM 1.0Release: 2016-05-11[3.7MB]