Department Process Engineering

Software: QPE

The QPE algorithm allows to identify the qualitative representation of an univariate data series. It is based on the combination of kernel regression and hidden Markov model (HMM) path estimation. This toolbox only requires a basic installation of Matlab or Octave. It has been tested in Matlab (R2012b) and Octave (3.6.2) and is is publicly available under the GPLv3 license.

Citing the QPE toolbox

Are you using the QPE toolbox in research work to be published? If so, please include explicit mention of this toolbox in your publication. We suggest language such as this: "To find these qualitative representations we used the QPE toolbox, a package for qualitative trend analysis [1]." with the following corresponding entry in your bibliography:

Villez, K. (2015). Qualitative Path Estimation: A fast and reliable Algorithm for Qualitative Trend Analysis. AIChE Journal, 61(5),1535-1546.