Department Process Engineering

Software: SOAR

The SOAR toolbox allows to determine structural observability of flow variables and structural redundancy of flow sensors in networked systems. It is based on the analysis of topological graphs that describe the physical configuration of the networked system under investigation. In conjunction with the SPIKE_O toolbox, this package also allows to execute a multi-objective optimization to find the Pareto front sensor layouts that simultaneously mininize the number of sensors, the number of observable flows, and the number of redundant sensors. It has been tested in Matlab (R2014b) and Octave. It is publicly available under the GPLv3 license.

Citing the SOAR toolbox

Are you using the SOAR toolbox in research work to be published? If so, please include explicit mention of this toolbox in your publication. We suggest language such as this: "To determine structural observability and redundancy we used the SOAR toolbox, a package for graph-based analysis and optimization of sensor layouts [1]." with one or more of the following entries in your bibliography:

Villez, K., Vanrolleghem, P. A., Corominas, L. (2016). Optimal flow sensor placement on wastewater treatment plants. Water Research, 101, 75-83.