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Small Private Online Courses (SPOC’s)

A SPOC (Small Private Online Course) is an innovative digital learning format that has emerged as a more targeted format, encouraging cohort-based experiences with smaller learner groups and a defined start and end date. Their scaled-down approach allows for the design of content that is tailored to a usually more homogeneous audience. Through the integration of webinars, group projects, presentations, and quizzes (among other activities), a SPOC offers closer interaction between instructor and participants, as well as among participants. In short: a SPOC is a challenging learning experience that allows participants to acquire new competencies.


  • Upcoming SPOCs will be announced here.


Winning Bids for CWIS: Principles and Application

  • Dates: January 11th – February 2nd 2021
  • Certificate: Certificate of appreciation for completing the course.
  • Workload: 24 hours
  • Language: English
  • Price: 150 USD
  • Organisation: Eawag-SandecITN-BUET, ENPHO
  • More information & enrolment:  [Course Webpage]