Department Environmental Chemistry

Research focus areas

Our investigations into the presence, distribution and fate of organic pollutants in the aquatic environment focus mainly on two themes: urban areas and agriculture.

Urban Areas
Discharge of organic pollutants from urban areas and their elimination in wastewater treatment


The study of the presence, distribution and fate of pollutants from agricultural runoff. 


The three main methods which we employ in this work are:


Identification of the presence of organic pollutants in different environmental compartments, as well as the development of existing and new methods of analysis. 

Process studies

The study of the transport and transformation processes of organic pollutants in natural and engineered systems. 


The analysis of experimental data from laboratory and field studies, along with the forecasting of the presence and degradation of organic pollutants in aquatic ecosystems. 

In addition to pure research, our work often focuses on applied research carried out in the context of practical issues.