Department Environmental Chemistry

Xenobiotic Input to the Prut River (XENOPRUT)

The 953 km long Prut is the second largest tributary of the Danube, defining for a short section the border between Romania and Ukraine and for much of its length the border between Romania and Republic of Moldova. The catchment of the Prut is intensively used for agriculture and vineyards. Tributaries of the Prut as well as the upper and middle sections are affected by untreated urban wastewater discharge, waste disposal, and outdated industrial production modes.

The objective of XENOPRUT was to study the contribution of urban and agricultural sources of organic water pollutants, heavy metals and nutrients to the overall pollution in the Prut River focusing on measuring environmental exposure, evaluating inputs, and the behaviour in surface water.  


Rusu, V.; Postolachi, L.; Povar, I.; Alder, A.; Lupascu, T. (2012) Dynamics of phosphorus forms in the bottom sediments and their interstitial water for the Prut River (Moldova), Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 19(8), 3126-3131, doi:10.1007/s11356-012-0920-2, Institutional Repository