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caLIBRAte - Next generation tools for risk governance of nanomaterials

CaLIBRAte is part of European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and addresses risk management / governance for assessment of human and environmental risks of manufactured nanomaterials (MN) and MN-enabled products.  

Currently, existing REACH compliance models are not suited or validated for risk assessment of MN, and many existing exposure limits are not applicable for nanomaterials.  

CaLIBRAte unites an interdisciplinary group of 24 partners including researchers, risk assessors and industries. The main objective is to test and calibrate a suite of nano-specific risk prioritization and control banding tools to support the nano-risk governance framework.

The web-based framework will link several models and methods to

- screen for risks and trends in nanotechnology

- assess human and environmental risks

- facilitate risk surveillance, -management and -guidance


Eawag’s contribution: 

Eawag contributes to work package 3 “Environmental risk assessment models” and work package 5 “Data collation for calibration and gap analysis”. 

We retrieve and analyze available omics data sets that were obtained on nano-specific exposure of aquatic organisms (WP 3) in order to support environmental risk assessment tools by

->  identification of data gaps

-> development of a classification scheme of molecular impact of MN in aquatic organism

-> and detection of potential biomarkers indicating MN effects. 

As part of WP 5, specific experiments are performed to fill the identified data gaps and extend the data bases with nano-related ecotoxicity data (WP 5).



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