Info Day Special 2024: Identifying, preserving and promoting blue-green biodiversity

September 3, 2024, 9.00 am - 5.00 pm

Dübendorf, AKADEMIE, Empa-Eawag Campus

Conclusion of the "Blue-Green Biodiversity" research initiative by Eawag and WSL

Human life and well-being depend largely on nature and its biodiversity. However, biodiversity is declining drastically due to human intervention. In the joint research initiative "Blue-Green Biodiversity", Eawag and WSL are investigating biodiversity at the interface between water and land. The aim is to quickly understand the current changes in biodiversity and to support policy-makers and practitioners in developing suitable conservation measures. At the Special 2024 Info Day, the research institutes will jointly present their findings in lectures and discussions on the podium and with the audience. In addition to the ecological aspects of biodiversity conservation, the sociological and political dimensions will also be highlighted.

Led by: Prof. Dr Florian Altermatt, Prof. Dr Catherine Graham

Course languages: German, French, English

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