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Science to Policy and Practice Interface (SP2I) Lunch Discussion

November 19, 2019

Title: Standardised bioassays in regulatory context

The mission of the Ecotox Centre covers building a bridge between science and practice in sediment, soil and water quality monitoring and supports the transfer of promising technologies. One of such technologies is effect-based testing (bioassays). Bioassays measure biological effects of complex mixtures of (unknown) pollutants present in environmental samples, leachate from construction materials or migrates from consumer products. They matured over the last years and are ready for regulatory application to assess the quality of various environmental compartments.

Typically, regulatory acceptance of such emerging technologies is a slow process and currently hampers the use of bioassays for compliance testing and regulatory purposes. At this SP2I event, the standardization processes and regulatory aspects associated with the added value of bioassays in various fields of application and their current acceptance will be presented. The speakers will provide some case studies that touch upon industry demands, lobbies and conflicts of interest.


Information about the speakers:

Dr. Etienne Vermeirssen is leading the group of aquatic ecotoxicology at Ecotox Centre (Swiss Centre for Applied Ecotoxicology). Besides defining the strategic setup/function of his group, Etienne is closely involved in applied research activities such as passive sampling, various monitoring and standardization processes. Dr. Eszter Simon works in the group of Etienne and is interested in the use and standardization of bioassays for endocrine disruptors (chemicals that can interfere with the hormonal system).

Drinks and sandwiches are provided.