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Jörg Rieckermann awarded with “Mid-term Career Achievement Award” (Photo: ICUD 2017)

Jörg Rieckermann awarded with “Mid-term Career Achievement Award”

October 4, 2017,

Jörg Rieckermann, group leader within Eawag’s Urban Water Management department, was awarded with the “Mid-term Career Achievement Award” during this year’s International Conference on Urban Drainage (ICUD) in Prague. Every three years, the Joint Committee on Urban Drainage (JCUD) recognizes outstanding achievements of professionals in the field of urban drainage by bestowing this career achievement award.

The ‘Mid-Career Achievement’ is awarded to someone who is part-way through their career and showing important leadership. The key criterion is that the candidate’s contribution in the urban drainage field is internationally recognized, which includes important and influential research findings, training of graduate students, innovative and formative practice in the field as well as general outstanding contribution to the urban drainage field.

Jörg Rieckermann, group leader within the Urban Water Management Department, was nominated for his influential research findings in the fields of sewer epidemiology, monitoring and modelling in urban drainage which he published in high-quality peer-reviewed publications. Furthermore, the committee honours his activities in bridging the gap between the international and German speaking urban drainage community, as well as science and policy integration. On receiving the award, Jörg Rieckermann says: ”I am very honoured by this recognition of the joint committee, because I see a couple of leaders in our field that do excellent work. In the future, we should have more evidence on how our urban drainage systems actually function – using both targeted experiments and operational data – because I perceive that we think too little about the uncertainty of the predictions we make with our models. Also I still hear Willi Gujer saying that science literally means “creating knowledge” (Wissenschaft heisst “Wissen schaffen”) and I am happy that open science principles are slowly taking root.” For Jörg, awards are also vehicles to communicate the importance of scientific work to the public.  He adds: “Of course, such awards are based on teamwork! I am really grateful for the support and enthusiasm of our colleagues, especially my excellent students, at SWW and Eawag,  the urban drainage community, and, probably most important, the support of my family.“

Lena Mutzner during the presentation of her paper “Passive sampling: An efficient way to monitor micropollutants in sewer overflows?” (Photo: IUCD 2017)

During the same conference, Lena Mutzner, PhD student in the Urban Water Management Department, was shortlisted out of 200 candidates for the “Poul Harremoës Award” for the best urban drainage paper by a young author. In her work she focuses on the spatio-temporal variability of micropollutants in sewer overflows. Her main interest are the effect of land use, rainfall characteristics and the applicability of alternative monitoring methods such as passive samplers for effective screening.

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