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The elimination of aquatic environments of adequate size (here on the Doubs near la Motte / JU) is controversial in many areas (Photo: Foen, Ex-Press, Herbert Böhler & Flurin Bertsch).

Looking back at water policy in 2017

Financial support and the further increase in hydroelectric power, negative effects of plant protection agents and the destruction of aquatic environments were the major themes in Swiss water policy in the year 2017. An article in the journal Aqua & Gas presents an overview. It also looks somewhat ahead at possible measures for water and bodies of water to be taken by parliament and commissions in Bern. With the revision of the water protection law of 2011, Switzerland accorded more weight to the protection of waters as habitats. Reports about plant protection agents in brooks and ground water as well as two newly–launched popular initiatives meant that discussion on the political level in 2017 moved more in the direction of resource protection.

Link to article (in German, summary in French)

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