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Lenny Winkel appointed as Associate Professor at ETH Zurich

March 8, 2018,

Eawag scientist Lenny Winkel was appointed as Associate Professor of Environmental Inorganic Geochemistry by the ETH board. Lenny Winkel leads the group Environmental Inorganic Geochemistry within the Department Water Resources and Drinking Water and is until today Assistant Professor at ETH Zurich.

Lenny Winkel investigates the environmental behaviour of selenium and other trace elements – such as arsenic – that can affect health. She conducts research into sources, pathways and sinks of naturally occurring selenium and explores the production of volatile forms of selenium by marine phytoplankton. She also examines the deposition of atmospherically transported selenium in the soil, providing an insight into the role climate plays in the abundance of selenium in the soil. Lenny Winkel also makes a substantial and committed contribution to teaching in the Department of Environmental Systems Science at ETH Zurich.

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