Drinking Water in the 21st Century

Wave21 was an integrated project at Eawag focusing on the supply of drinking water from surface waters. In this project, the relation between raw water parameters and treatment processes was studied for a better understanding of the performance of processes and the drinking water quality.

The goal of the project was to optimize drinking water treatment processes such as membranes, oxidation and adsorption, with respect to water quality and cost. To achieve this, new analytical tools for chemical and microbiological agents as well as for raw water parameters were developed.

Wave 21 involved several groups at the Eawag which are active in the field of drinking water. They cover internationally recognized basic research (disinfection, oxidation, adsorption etc.) as well as local application of technologies such as membranes, adsorption and (advanced) oxidation/disinfection processes.

Wave21 was carried out by international collaboration with research institutes as well as water companies and authorities in Switzerland and abroad.