Understand and manage ecosystems

Why does one species of toad live in ponds, while another prefers shingle banks? How does the flora and fauna in a mountain stream change when the glacier has melted away? And how do invasive species affect their new habitat? It is only by answering questions such as these that entire ecosystems can be understood and, to some extent, managed.


February 10, 2020

Microbial communities are known to be indispensable for our planet. But surprisingly little is known about how they function. Researchers at the aquatic research institute Eawag are now shedding a little light on this subject: A new method enables them to observe the interaction between microorganisms.

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February 4, 2020

Although use of the fungicide hexachlorobenzene has been banned since 2004, this compound is chemically stable – and accumulates in the polar regions where humpback whales replenish their fat reserves each year. Cell line studies conducted at Eawag have now shown that, while hexachlorobenzene does not have acute toxic effects, it can cause damage to DNA in humpback whale cells.

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Scientific publications

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Publications for practitioners

Factsheet: Frequently asked questions on road salt [pdf, available in German and French]

Factsheet: Invasive species spread by recreational boats transported overland [pdf, available in German and French]

Factsheet: River Corridors [pdf, available in German and French]

Factsheet: Facts about phosphorus in Lake Brienz [pdf, available in German and French]

Factsheet: Water power and ecology [pdf, available in German and French]

Ecotox Centre Info sheet: Microplastics in the environment [pdf, available in German and French]

FIBER Brochure: Small Watercourses: Ecological Function and importance for fishes [pdf, available in German and French]

FIBER Brochure: River revitalisation: Focus on fish [pdf, available in German and French]

Schneeweiss, A.; Junghans, M.; Segner, H.; Stadtlander, T.; Werner, I. (2019) Ökotoxikologische Risiken von PSM für Fische. Eine Literaturstudie ermittelt Risiken von PSM und priorisiert die relevantesten Stoffe, Aqua & Gas, 99(11), 74-80, Institutional Repository
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