Understand and manage ecosystems

Why does one species of toad live in ponds, while another prefers shingle banks? How does the flora and fauna in a mountain stream change when the glacier has melted away? And how do invasive species affect their new habitat? It is only by answering questions such as these that entire ecosystems can be understood and, to some extent, managed.


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October 18, 2018

Species-rich ecosystems are more resistant to disturbances such as droughts, heatwaves or pesticide inputs – that, at least, is the view widely held by scientists and non-scientists alike. In fact, the situation is more complex, as ecologists from Eawag and Zurich University have now discovered. Under certain environmental conditions, increased species diversity can also lead to an ecosystem becoming more unstable. Read more

October 15, 2018

Global trade is saving water on balance. In principle, this is a good thing. However, the water budget has its dark side – a fact which Eawag researchers have now brought to light. Read more


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Eawag Dübendorf

Scientific publications

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  • Factsheet: Invasive species spread by recreational boats transported overland [pdf, available in German and French]
  • Factsheet: River Corridors [pdf, available in German and French]
  • Factsheet: Facts about phosphorus in Lake Brienz [pdf, available in German and French]
  • River revitalisation: Focus on fish [pdf, available in German and French]
Weber, C. (2013) Schweizer Fließgewässer im Spannungsfeld zwischen Schutz und Nutzung, 259-268, Institutional Repository


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