Joint Professorships

Eawag provides several joint professorships together with ETH Zurich and the EPFL, as well as with national and international universities. These joint teaching posts enable Eawag to expand its professional expertise, impart its own knowledge and promote networking in the focal areas of its research, thus contributing substantially to post-secondary education in Switzerland.

Eawag also supports universities of applied sciences with research and teaching activities.

Researcher Institution


ETH Domain
Ackermann Martin ETH Zurich Full professor of Molecular Microbial Ecology Umik
Dubois Nathalie ETH Zurich Assistant professor of Paleolimnology Surf
Eggen Rik I.L ETH Zurich Adjunct professor Dir
Hering Janet ETH Zurich and EPFL Full professor of Environmental Biogeochemistry (ETHZ), full professor of Environmental Chemistry (EPFL) Dir
Hollender Juliane ETH Zurich Adjunct professor Uchem
Jokela Jukka ETH Zurich Full professor of Aquatic Ecology Eco
Kipfer Rolf ETH Zurich Adjunct professor W+T
Maurer Max ETH Zurich Full professor of Urban Water Systems SWW
Morgenroth Eberhard ETH Zurich Full professor of Process Engineering in Urban Water Management Eng
Reichert Peter ETH Zurich Adjunct professor Siam
Schirmer Kristin EPFL and University of Waterloo (Canada) Adjunct professor Utox
Schubert Carsten ETH Zurich Adjunct professor Surf
Udert Kai ETH Zurich Adjunct professor Eng
Von Gunten Urs EPFL and ETH Zurich Full professor of Water Quality and Treatment (EPFL) and Adjunct Professor (ETHZ) W+T
Vorburger Christoph  ETH Zurich Adjunct professor Eco
Wehrli Bernhard ETH Zurich Full professor of Aquatic Chemistry Surf
Winkel Lenny ETH Zurich Associate professor of Environmental Inorganic Geochemistry W+T
Wüest Alfred EPFL Full professor of Physics of Aquatic Systems Surf
Cantonal Universities
Altermatt Florian University of Zurich Associate professor of Aquatic Ecology Eco
Damm Alexander University of Zurich Assistant professor of Remote Sensing of Water Systems Surf
Fenner Kathrin University of Zurich Associate professor ad personam of Environmental Chemistry Uchem
Ingold Karin University of Bern Associate professor of Policy Analysis and Environmental Governance ESS
Schirmer Mario University of Neuchâtel Adjunct professor W+T
Seehausen Ole University of Bern Full professor of Aquatic Ecology Fishec
Yang Hong University of Basel Adjunct professor Siam
International Universities
Abbaspour Karim Isfahan University of Technology (Iran) und Texas A&M Universität (USA) Assistant professor (Isfahan) and Adjunct professor (Texas) Siam
Berg Michael University of Southern Queensland (Australia Adjunct professor W&T
Larsen Tove Technical University of Denmark Adjunct professor SWW
Truffer Bernhard University of Utrecht (Netherlands) Full professor of Geography of Transitions in Urban Infrastructure ESS
Zurbrügg Christian Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Adjunct professor Sandec
Universities of applied sciences

Langer Miriam

School of Life Sciences FHNW Professor of Ecotoxicology  Oekotox