Info Day

Eawag’s Info Day is devoted once a year to a current research topic. The event is aimed at anyone who is interested in the subject, and particularly experts working in the field in focus. The core of the event consists of lectures by Eawag’s resident experts, supplemented with specific contributions from external speakers. The Eawag Info Day serves as a forum for knowledge exchange between academia and practitioners, allowing plenty of time for plenary discussions as well as informal conversations.

Info Day 2019

Balancing the needs of energy production with those of our waters

3 September 2019, Lucerne

The aim of the Swiss government’s Energy Strategy 2050 is to lower Switzerland’s energy consumption while increasing energy efficiency and promoting renewables. The country’s revised Energy Act also envisages greater use of hydropower and other renewable energy sources. The exploitation of our surface waters for producing and storing energy, and for heating and cooling, inevitably has an impact on water temperatures and on the water and bed-load balance and the solid material budget. This in turn affects the biological communities in their aquatic habitats. Hydropower stations also create insurmountable barriers for many aquatic organisms. This is the background to this year’s Info Day at Eawag, which will highlight the effects of energy use on water bodies. The possibilities will be discussed as to how greater consideration can be given to safeguarding the health of our waters.

Led by: Dr Martin Schmid, Dr Anne Dietzel

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Eawag Info Day 2019