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Safe to cross: low risk of coronavirus infection from high-touch surfaces

Surfaces which are frequently touched by many different people may be contaminated with the coronavirus, but the risk of infection via this route is low. However, regular collection of samples from door handles, buttons or keypads could be useful for monitoring the course of the pandemic. Read more

Photo: Andri Bryner, Eawag

Testing the Blue Diversion Autarky toilet in situ

Photo:Autarky, Eawag

For three months, an extended family in South Africa tested the standalone Autarky toilet cubicle. Everyone was happy with the hideout. Read more

Customising legionella control measures

Photo: zvg

Legionella in drinking water systems can pose a health risk. A much more nuanced approach is required to manage this risk. Read more

Making organic waste management sustainable

Photo: Yosa Padu

Black soldier fly larvae treatment of organic waste offers a sustainable and economic solution to the need for organic waste management in Indonesia. Read more

Wastewater treatment plants retain 96 % of mercury

Photo: Elke Suess

Each year, around 130 kilograms of mercury flow into Swiss wastewater treatment plants, which filter out the lion’s share from the waste water. This is shown by a survey of almost 30 wastewater treatment plants conducted by Eawag and FOEN. Read more

Strategy for assessing sediment quality
Sediments are of great significance in water pollution control. The Ecotox Centre presents a new strategy to assess the quality of sediments. Read more
In the video we show  how sediment extraction is done. Have a look at the video

Photo: Peter Penicka

The ETH-Board appoints Carsten Schubert as a new member of the Directorate of Eawag, the aquatic research institute.

Photo: Peter Penicka

Kristin Schirmer titular professor at the ETH Zurich
The ETH Zurich appoints biologist Kristin Schirmer, head of the Environmental Toxicology department of Eawag, as titular professor.

Photo: Raoul Schaffner

Nele Schuwirth took over as Head of the Department Systems Analysis, Integrated Assessment and Modelling SIAM on 1 January  2021.

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Is water becoming scarce in Switzerland? Why climate change is changing the way we deal with the blue gold.
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