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Noble gases used to sniff out the pathways of the Emmental’s groundwater

An Eawag researcher has helped to develop a new approach to tracking how river water enters the groundwater. In the test area within the Emmental, the flow time within the aquifer has been shown to be much shorter than previously assumed. This has potential consequences during dry spells. Read more

Photo: Andrea Popp

Last ice age: colder than thought

Picture: Giuseppe Reichmuth

The last ice age, about 20,000 years ago, was significantly colder than previously thought. This is shown for the first time by systematically analysed samples of groundwater collected around the globe and the inert gases dissolved in it. Swiss groundwater from Uster (ZH) also contributed to the results. Read more

Biomass production in lakes becomes easier to determine

Photo: Beat Müller

The condition of Swiss lakes has improved thanks to stricter protection measures, but less than expected. A new method developed by Eawag for calculating biomass production in lakes provides explanations and a basis for further water protection measures.
Read more

Water module proves itself as a handwashing station

Photo: Autarky, Eawag

A mobile handwashing station that hygienically recycles its own water without water mains or sewage connection not only has great potential for deployment in countries lacking in infrastructure. The water wall also has great potential in public transport or at events. Read more

Precisely determining toxic concentrations

Photo: Matteo Minghetti

Ecotoxicological tests need to be extremely accurate – which often poses challenges in research and practice. Eawag has now developed a computer model that enables even more accurate testing at high throughput; the model is simple, widely applicable and saves resources. Read more

Biodiversity Day: "We are part of the solution"  
22 May is International Day for Biological Diversity. In 2021, the theme is "We are part of the solution". The research institutes Eawag and WSL are also involved in the search for solutions with the Blue Green Biodiversity (BGB) research initiative. Researchers from all over the world are working together to explore biodiversity at the interface of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. In the video they explain what they are working on - and why. In addition, a new graphic illustrates how the two habitats of water and land intertwine and what questions the BGB research initiative is pursuing.  

Graphic: Stefan Scherrer, Eawag

Photo: Alessandro Della Bella, Eawag

2021 International Association of GeoChemistry Fellow Award goes to Janet Hering
Eawag Director Janet Hering has been awarded the honorary title of IAGC Fellow by the International Association of Geochemistry for her contributions to the field of geochemistry. Read more

Cover: Aqua & Gas

Water policy review 2020
Against the backdrop of the two initiatives on a ban on pesticides and drinking water, which will be voted on in June, the pesticide issue and questions about the persistently high nutrient surpluses were at the centre of water policy in 2020. Read article in the journal Aqua & Gas (in German only)

Cover: Peter Penicka

Annual Report 2020 published
With research, teaching and consulting on all aspects of water, Eawag is committed to a sustainable future – in Switzerland and worldwide. This is illustrated by the diverse and exciting projects that we present in our Annual Report. Read the annual report as a PDF or order the print edition.

Cover: Peter Penicka

60 years of "Save the Water"
In 1961, Eawag Director Otto Jaag organised a large conference and demonstration  in Lucerne on the theme "Save the water". Hans Erni created the poster for it, which is still well-known today. Now the illustrator Fruzsina Korondi has reinterpreted the Erni poster. The short film "60 Jahre - Rettet das Wasser" by Roman Hodel shows how it came about.

June 30, 2021,  9.00 am -  5.00 pm

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Fact sheet by the Swiss Academy of Sciences scnat with co-authors from Eawag (in German).

Report of the Swiss Academy of Sciences scnat with contributions from Eawag (in German).

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