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Fish inventory in 35 lakes completed

In the "Projet Lac" research project, 35 lakes in the Alpine region were systematically examined for their fish populations for the first time: In Switzerland alone, 106 fish species were detected. With almost 20 percent of all known fish species in Europe, Switzerland is one of the hotspots for fish species diversity. The results are now the basis for measures for sustainable fishing and the protection of this still preserved diversity. Read more

Foto: Eawag, Ole Seehausen

Ensuring as few plankton as possible can sneak away undetected

Foto: Joulia SA

Eawag intends to further develop artificial intelligence methods to enable their increasing use in water research. One current application is the monitoring of plankton communities in lakes. With the help of machine learning methods, it has been possible to implement an automatic classification of the microorganisms. Read more

Urban drainage:
light at the end of the tunnel

Foto: Nico Mölg, Eawag

A new EU project is building bridges between experts from academia and industry in the field of urban drainage. The aim of the project is primarily to make local research infrastructure available to partners throughout the EU – including Eawag's urban water observatory (UWO) in Fehraltorf. Read more

Research for the toilet of the future

Foto: Natacha Tofield-Pasche, EPFL

Protect biodiversity on land and in the water

Foto: Colette vom Berg, Eawag

It makes sense to study land and water habitats together, according to the initial findings of the Research Initiative Blue-Green Biodiversity of Eawag and WSL. Read more

Water Timeline: The history of Swiss water protection
With around 200 pictures and texts, the new Water Timeline takes you through 200 years of the eventful history of Swiss water protection. It aims to show how shifts towards more sustainable management of natural resources can be shaped. Click here to go directly to the water timeline or the news article.

Foto: Christian Dinkel

Prestigious award for Urs von Gunten
Eawag scientist and EPFL professor Urs von Gunten is to receive the prestigious ACS Award for Creative Advances in Environmental Science and Technology. His research on oxidative processes in water has led to practical applications and improvements in both drinking water and wastewater treatment.

Grafik: Shutterstock

Elisa Calamita wins the Otto Jaag Water Protection Prize 2021
ETH Zurich has awarded the Otto Jaag Water Protection Prize to environmental engineer Elisa Calamita for her doctoral thesis. The price honours outstanding dissertations and master theses in the field of water protection and hydrology.

Foto: Christoph Vorburger, Eawag

Kristin Schirmer is awarded EPFL students’ prize
At the EPFL’s “Magistrale” graduation ceremony this year, Kristin Schirmer was recognised for her teaching work at the institution. In this interview she explains what this work means to her.

Foto: Empa

In brief - publications on sanitation
In the latest episode of the Papers to Practice Podcast, Dorothee Spuhler talks with Charles Niwagaba about his published article on the microbe-associated health risks involved in using faecal sludge in Ugandan agriculture.

PEAK-Applied Online Course

April 7, 2022
New tools for automated monitoring of plankton diversity
PEAK-Advanced Course, Dübendorf

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Book on the biological and hydrological characteristics of more than 180 of the highest profile rivers in Europe.

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