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Interview on World Water Day: Swiss groundwater, how are you doing?

What is the state of groundwater in Switzerland? On World Water Day, 22 March, we discussed this with hydrogeologist Christian Moeck, who, as an employee of the Eawag Hydrogeology Research Group, deals with the pressing challenges surrounding groundwater and researches how groundwater can be protected as a resource. To the interview

Foto: Andri Bryner

Climate change affects the diet of birds

Foto: Joulia SA

The buffet of healthy insects starts earlier, is no longer as varied, and is only half as plentiful as it once was. Ryan Shipley from Eawag  has been investigating how climate change affects the timing and quality of the food supply for breeding birds. Read more

Legacy of extinct species is retained in genomes of their extant relatives

Foto: Nico Mölg, Eawag

Nearly a hundred year old tissue samples from Lake Constance have enabled to compare genetic material of an extinct whitefish species with that of extant co-occurring species. Read more

Symbionts promote biodiversity

Foto: Natacha Tofield-Pasche, EPFL

Often overlooked until now: symbioses could be a driving force for the emergence of biodiversity. A case where bacteria live in aphids shows that this can even have practical implications for biological pest control. Read more

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria in rivers

Foto: Colette vom Berg, Eawag

Wastewater treatment plants are ‘hotspots’ for antibiotic resistance genes and bacteria but sewer overflows exacerbate the problem by disseminating them into rivers. Researchers at Eawag suggest ways to minimise these effects. Read more

Spotlight on the Black Soldier Fly  
Watch the video to see Dr. Stefan Diener introducing this new publication describing the practical aspects of biowaste conversion by the Black Soldier Fly, an approach that has obtained much attention in the past decade.

Further information
•   Black Soldier Fly Biowaste Processing. A Step-by-Step Guide – 2nd Edition [pdf]
•   Practical knowhow on Black Soldier Fly (BSF) biowaste processing
•   Playlist with spotlight videos

Foto: Dominik Baur

Solidarity with Ukraine
The ETH Board as well as the six institutions of the ETH Domain (ETH Zürich, EPFL, PSI, Empa, WSL und Eawag) reaffirm their full solidarity with the universities in Ukraine and join the Federal Council in its statement strongly condemning Russia’s military invasion.

Foto: Dominik Baur

Lenny Winkel receives Science Innovation Award
The European Geochemical Association (EAG) has presented Lenny Winkel, associate professor of Inorganic Environmental Geochemistry at the aquatic research institute Eawag and ETH Zürich, with the 2022 Science Innovation Award and honoured her with the title of Geochemistry Fellow.

Foto: Thomas Klaper, Eawag

“Women in science benefit from inspiring female role models”
To mark today’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science, female researchers at Eawag talk about their experiences and motivation in short videos.

Foto: ETH-Rat

Replacing animal testing in environmental risk assessments
Eawag researchers have won a competition organised by Britain’s National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research. The prize money is awarded for use in research to develop technologies to replace animal testing.

Foto: Empa

In the annual report, we look back on the year 2021 and report on what has moved Eawag. The report will be available as a PDF on the Eawag web from the beginning of May. If you prefer a printed copy, you can pre-order it today. To the subscription.

FIBER-Workshop, Münsingen BE

April 7,  2022, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm  

In our Agenda you will find further events of Eawag.

Article by the Blue-Green Biodiversity research initiative of Eawag and WSL in the KBNL journal "N+L Inside

Cover picture: Daniel Odermatt, head of Eawag's Remote Sensing Group, has been working with researchers from Eawag, the Federal Office for the Environment and the University of Zurich to survey all the glacial lakes that have formed in the Swiss Alps over the last 170 years and to record various indicators. Photo: Tobias Ryser. Read more

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