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February 25, 2011

Whether an individual parasitoid wasp reproduces sexually or asexually is determined by a single gene.. Read more

February 15, 2011

Together with the University of Applied Sciences in Bern and other universities and Non-Profit-Organisations Eawag offers a new CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies) about “Integrated Water Resource Management” (IWRM).. Read more

January 17, 2011

Health-threatening levels of arsenic and other toxic elements may contaminate drinking water used by seven million inhabitants of Vietnam's Red River delta, according to a study. Researchers have known for more than a decade that groundwater in parts of Southeast Asia contains naturally occurring arsenic, at levels which exceed the World Health Organization's (WHO) safety standards.. Read more

January 4, 2011

Examination of deep sea corals reveals that there have been drastic changes to oceanic currents in the western North Atlantic since the 1970s. The influence of the cold water Labrador Current, which is in periodic interchange with the warm Gulf Stream, has been decreasing continually since the 1970s.. Read more