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Water and Sanitation in Developing Countries
Training Tool

Training Tool

Capacity development with Sandec’s Training Tool

Lack of knowledge is a major barrier preventing large-scale and effective water and sanitation improvements. Following numerous requests for possibly free training materials, Sandec initiated a project aiming at creating a pool containing Sandec’s numerous literature, notes and presentations given in a wide variety of circumstances. “Sandec’s Training Tool” collates and enhances PowerPoint presentations, lecture notes and further reading material. It addresses interested lecturers, students or practitioners, is available free of charge as CD upon order (caterina.dallatorre@eawag.ch)

Content and products of the Sandec Training Tool:


1 – Overview

2 – Environmental Health

3 – Household Water Treatment & Safe Storage

4 – Sanitation Systems & Technologies

5 – Faecal Sludge Management

6 – Solid Waste Management

7 – Planning for Environmental Sanitation

Each module consists of several documents and provides teaching material for at least 2 hours of lecture:

  • Lecture notes
  • Presentation
  • Key readings

In addition, the Sandec Training Tool provides some exercises, case studies and a lot of helpful key readings .

Target users:

People working, teaching and learning in the field of water and environmental sanitation in developing countries:

  • Lecturers, trainers and engineers at universities and education centres
  • Students doing self-study
  • Sandec staff teaching (e.g. ETH, IHW)

More info: A CD can be ordered for free upon request (Caterina Dalla Torre)



Water and Sanitation in Developing Countries
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