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Media & Public Relations
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Andri Bryner
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Media & Public Relations

Media & Public Relations

Eawag makes research findings available to the public. Findings of particular interest are published via Media releases. When water-related incidents or events occur, our expert network is available to answer queries, or news and background information is actively provided.

Reports on current projects and background information on topical issues and research developments are published in the Annual Report and in Eawag News. Eawag’s research activities in developing countries are described in Sandec News. Publications are available in electronic form. Print versions can be ordered free of charge.

Photographs published in connection with a media release are archived together with the release in question. In addition, images covering a variety of Eawag-related subjects are available under Photos.

The Events section provides an overview of the whole spectrum of Eawag events and allows users to search for specific events. Special mention should be made of the Guided tours that take place several times a year at Forum Chriesbach in Dübendorf and at the Kastanienbaum site.

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