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Tuesday 9 December 2014

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Resource management
Many paths to a common goal: water in context

Resource management

To conserve and improve the conditions of the world’s water resources and aquatic ecosystems, we must value ecosystem services appropriately, promote transparent information on trade-offs between the use of water and other natural resources, and ensure an adequate level of human welfare for all.  >> more



Eawag is a world-leading aquatic research institute. Its research, which is driven by the needs of society, provides the basis for innovative approaches and technologies in the water sector. Through close collaboration with experts from industry, government and professional associations, Eawag plays an important bridging role between theory and practice, allowing new scientific insights to be rapidly implemented.

19 September 2014   Tove Larsen will become member of directorate
Eawag researcher Dr. Tove Larsen will become the new member of the Directorate. She will succeed Professor Hansruedi Siegrist, who will retire at the end of September 2014, as from 1 October 2014. Tove Larsen holds a Doctor’s degree in Process Engineering and has been a senior scientist in Eawag’s Department of Urban Water Management since 1999. As a member of the Directorate, Tove Larsen will represent the research field of environmental engineering, thus supporting Eawag’s endeavour to implement innovative technologies in a practical manner. Tove Larsen has already led large-scale research projects in the field of urban water management with a high degree of success. In the course of her activities to date, she was also a Lecturer in Environmental Engineering for eight years at ETH Zurich and a Visiting Professor at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) for one year.
Press release of the ETH Board
9 September 2014  

Keeping rivers clean to protect our drinking water
Abundant supplies of safe drinking water are among Switzerland’s most valuable natural resources, with groundwater accounting for 80% of the total. A third of this groundwater, in turn, is fed by infiltrating river water. Although contaminants and pathogens are filtered out as they pass through the soil, this natural protection system is not infallible. That makes it all the more important for river water to be kept as clean as possible, and for interactions between river and groundwater to be carefully observed. [...]

8 September 2014  

20 Years of the Weil/Basel Rhine Monitoring Station
Today, Monday 8 September, the Canton of Basel-Stadt, the German Federal State of Baden-Württemberg, the Swiss Federal Office of the Environment and Eawag are somewhat belatedly celebrating the anniversary of the International Rhine Monitoring Station (RMS) in Weil am Rhein. [...]

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