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Info Day 2014
Water supplies and bank filtration – a system under pressure?
Tuesday, 9.9.14
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River restoration
Do block ramps improve river connectivity for fish?

River restoration

The innumerable sills and weirs found along Switzerland’s rivers fragment the habitats of aquatic organisms and impede the migration of fish. These artificial barriers are therefore increasingly being replaced by block ramps. Whether such measures are effective in restoring connectivity, however, depends on the type of ramp and the fish species concerned.  >> more



Eawag is a world-leading aquatic research institute. Its research, which is driven by the needs of society, provides the basis for innovative approaches and technologies in the water sector. Through close collaboration with experts from industry, government and professional associations, Eawag plays an important bridging role between theory and practice, allowing new scientific insights to be rapidly implemented.

20 August 2014  

Janet Hering elected for third term as Eawag Director
On the recommendation of the ETH Board the Bundesrat has re-elected Janet Hering as Director of Eawag until 2018. More information and interview with Prof Janet Hering: Switzerland: a leading example of sustainable water management. [...]

11 August 2014  

Professorship for Bernhard Truffer
Bernhard Truffer, Head of the Department of Environmental Social Sciences, was appointed Professor of “Geography of Transitions in Urban Infrastructures” at the Faculty for Geosciences in the University of Utrecht at the beginning of August 2014. [...]

24 July 2014  

Like a Fish in the Rhine – Professor swims, Eawag analyses
Chemistry professor Andreas Fath from the Furtwangen University in Baden-Württemberg is looking for money for new analysis equipment and for water research at his institute. From 28 July to 24 August he will swim the entire Rhine for this purpose, from the mountains in Graubünden to Rotterdam, including Lake Constance! The Rhine Water Project is, however, more than just a show: along with those accompanying him, Fath will take water samples all along the way and document the changes in Rhine water quality along the whole stretch, analysing also passive collections that cling to his neoprene suit. [...]

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