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Fish Ecology & Evolution (FishEc)

We study ecology, evolution and biodiversity of fishes and other aquatic organisms. We are interested in the mechanisms that drive the origins, the maintenance and the loss of species, genetic and functional diversity.


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Latest publications

September 2016:
What looks the same does not have to be the same species. Red and blue Pundamilia cichlid species are found in the main body of Lake Victoria and in a Gulf in the South of the lake.
Joana Meier shows through demographic modelling using whole-genome data that the red and blue cichlids sampled in the Gulf evolved independently from a hybrid swarm of the two red and blue species outside of the Gulf. We call this process “hybrid parallel speciation”.

Meier,J.I.; Sousa,V.C.; Marques,D.A.; Selz,O.M.; Wagner,C.E.; Excoffier,L.; Seehausen,O. (2016) Demographic modeling with whole genome data reveals parallel origin of similar Pundamilia cichlid species after hybridization, Molecular Ecology, doi:10.1111/mec.13838, Institutional Repository

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Ongoing projects in River Fish Ecology

Investigating the interactions between migration ecology, local adaptation and diversification
Assessing biodiversity from genes to communities in Swiss river fish
Watercourses are among earth's most biodiverse ecosystems. However, they are also under severe pressure from construction work and hydropower generation, among other things.