Research environment

Eawag offers a remarkable environment for research in aquatic science and technology. Researchers enjoy an academic environment in which much of the research is driven "bottom-up" by interests of the researchers themselves.

Eawag has a 5-year-tenure process in which successful tenure-track researches are granted a permanent position after an evaluation based on their professional accomplishments.

Students at all levels are engaged in many projects.

Eawag is well supported by the federal government which allows for long-term continuity in research, excellent technical and administrative support and world-class instrumentation and facilities. Approximately 25% of Eawag's total budget is supported by external funding which is primarily used for research projects.

Scientific Integrity

The capacity of our society to place its trust in the research community depends to a large degree on the willingness of the researchers at Eawag themselves to assume responsibility for their actions. In order to maintain sustainable high-quality research, it is everyone’s responsibility to implement and follow the Research Integrity guidelines at Eawag.


End of 2015 the experimental pond site next to the Aquatikum in Eawag's grounds was completed. The site features 36 identical ponds and enables Eawag researchers to carry out experiments under natural environmental conditions all year round.