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Eawag is one of the world’s leading aquatic research institutes. With its professional diversity, close partnerships with practitioners and an international network, Eawag offers an excellent environment for the study of water as a habitat and resource, for identifying problems at an early stage and for developing widely accepted solutions.

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The latest news from Eawag

The latest news from Eawag

Ozone is blown into the treated wastewater through these diffusers (WWTP Neugut, Dübendorf; photo: Max Schachtler) .
Swiss approach to modern wastewater treatment is ...
December 1, 2023

A team of seven current and former Eawag researchers will receive the Swiss Chemical Society’s Sandmeyer Prize in 2024 for the development of advanced wastewater treatment for the degradation of micropollutants using ozone. And the most amazing thing is: Just about 15 years have passed between basic research and large-scale technical implementation. This incredible timetable was only possible thanks to the wealth of knowledge already available at Eawag and the fact that interdisciplinary collaboration is a matter of course at the Swiss aquatic research institute.

Rooftop garden of the housing cooperative Equilibre in Geneva, irrigated with treated wastewater (Photo: Eawag, Kayla Coppens).
Treat wastewater in an environmentally sustainable way ...
November 30, 2023

This research project explores vermifiltration as an alternative method for wastewater treatment. The aim is to fill knowledge gaps.

Tove Larsen (Photo: Peter Penicka, Eawag)
“I simply saw no alternative”
November 22, 2023

Chemical engineer Tove Larsen made an impact at Eawag over the course of 24 years. Besides being the first woman to hold a managerial position at Eawag in the field of urban water management, she was also initiator and head of the Novaquatis cross-cutting project, group leader and member of the Eawag Directorate. Her areas of responsibility have included urine source separation, the Blue Diversion toilet, the Water Hub and Wings.

ETH Rector Günther Dissertori presents Charlotte Bopp with the Otto Jaag Water Protection Prize 2023 (Photo: ETH, Giulia Marthaler)
Otto Jaag Water Protection Prize 2023 and ETH Medal for ...
November 21, 2023

On ETH Day, Charlotte Bopp was honoured with the Otto Jaag Water Protection Prize for her dissertation. In January, she will also receive the ETH Medal for her work.

Quagga mussels in Lake Geneva: the biomass per square metre is likely to increase by a factor of nine to 20 over the next 22 years (Photo: Eawag, Linda Haltiner).
Quagga mussel: prognosis for affected lakes
November 16, 2023

A comparison of three Swiss lakes with the Great Lakes of North America show that the quagga mussel is spreading with a similar dynamic.