Info Day: Lake research: current insights into an important ecosystem

September 6, 2016

Swiss Museum of Transport, Lucerne

Lakes play a vital role in Switzerland, not only as diverse ecosystems, but also in terms of their economic and recreational importance. The “Naturforschende Gesellschaft Luzern” (NGL) established its hydrobiology laboratory on Lake Lucerne over 100 years ago with the purpose of promoting lake research and waterbody protection. Nowadays, at the same location, the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic  Science and Technology (Eawag) carries out research into the fields of ecology, biodiversity, pollution and the utilisation of lake resources. The Info Day provides an insight into current lake research, as well as venturing a forecast of major future developments.

Organisers: Dr. Anne Dietzel, Anke Poiger, Dr. Carsten Schubert, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Wehrli