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Trichloramine levels rise with the number of pool users. Pictured here, an indoor pool in Wuxi, China. (Photo: Sinopictures)
June 25, 2015

Chlorination of water in swimming pools leads to the formation of trichloramine, a potentially harmful compound. Read more

Safe drinking water: fluoride is removed by a community filter installed in the Ethiopian village of Wayo Gabriel. (Photo: Eawag)
March 18, 2015

In many regions of Asia, Africa and South America, consumption of groundwater contaminated with arsenic or fluoride causes severe health problems. Read more

Bild: Stephan Müller (Abteilungschef Wasser, Bafu), Paul Svoboda (Leiter Gewässerschutz, Basel-Stadt) sowie die Eawag-Wissenschafter Matthias Ruff und Heinz Singer (von links).
September 8, 2014

Today, Monday 8 September, the Canton of Basel-Stadt, the German Federal State of Baden-Württemberg, the Swiss Federal Office of the Environment and Eawag are somewhat belatedly celebrating the anniversary of the International Rhine Monitoring Station (RMS) in Weil am Rhein. Read more

July 24, 2014

Chemistry professor Andreas Fath from the Furtwangen University in Baden-Württemberg is looking for money for new analysis equipment and for water research at his institute. From 28 July to 24 August he will swim the entire Rhine for this purpose, from the mountains in Graubünden to Rotterdam, including Lake Constance! Read more

May 8, 2014

Ground breaking research by an international team of scientists has resulted in greater understanding of the effects of pesticides on aquatic invertebrates such as shrimps and snails. Read more

April 14, 2014

In the summer 2013, Eawag and the Swiss Federal Institute for NBC-Protection (LABORATORY SPIEZ) have withdrawn sediment cores from Lake Biel and examined the sediment layers for radioactivity. Read more

Max Schachtler (l.), Geschäftsführer der ARA Neugut, und Marc Böhler von der Eawag begutachten die neue Ozonungsanlage vor der Inbetriebnahme.  (Foto: Aldo Todaro)
April 4, 2014

100 of the more than 700 Swiss wastewater treatment plants can be upgraded for the elimination of micropollutants, thanks to the positive decision of the Federal council. Read more

Probenahme an der Salmsacher Aach
March 5, 2014

Swiss watercourses contain a whole cocktail of pesticides. Of the 300 or so permitted and detectable active substances, over 100 have been discovered in water samples taken during an extensive screening process. Read more

Silberionen greifen in den Zellstoffwechsel der Grünalge Chlamydomas reinhartii (Bild) ein und beeinträchtigen etwa die Fotosynthese.
February 25, 2014

It has long been known that, in the form of free ions, silver particles can be highly toxic to aquatic organisms. Yet to this day, there is a lack of detailed knowledge about the doses required to trigger a response and how the organisms deal with this kind of stress. Read more

Gola di Lago
January 8, 2014

Natural wetlands are well-known for their large share in global methane emissions via biological processes but until now it has not been investigated if wetlands could also be important emitters of trace elements. Read more