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Eawag Annual Report 2012: Exciting stories from aquatic research

May 15, 2013,

Swiss households are prepared to pay 100 francs more a year for the removal of micro-pollutants from bodies of water, making the planned extension of water treatment plants also economically justifiable. Climate change is leading to greater oxygen depletion, with both water quality and infrastructure suffering as a result.

This could make the conditioning of drinking water necessary at times in the future. Eawag process engineers have developed optimisation measures for the overburdened water treatment plant at the Monte-Rosa hut, so that sewage treatment can now keep up with the crowds of visitors, and the process now uses less energy as well. These are three examples of exciting stories from the new Eawag Annual Report 2012. In addition to the facts and figures, it provides exciting insights into the varied activities in research, teaching and consulting. All articles may be reprinted if sources are cited.

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