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Kai Udert appointed Titular Professor of ETH Zurich

December 14, 2017,

At its meeting on 13 and 14 December 2017, the ETH Board appointed Dr. Kai Udert as Titular Professor of ETH Zurich. Kai Udert works at Eawag since 2006 and is currently group leader within the Department Process Engineering and lecturer at ETH Zurich. His main research focus is on new technologies for resource recovery from wastewater.

Kai Udert obtained his doctorate at ETH Zurich and stayed as a post-doctoral fellow at Eawag and the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). 2006 he returned to Eawag as a research associate, where he heads the research group “Source Separation and Decentralization” since 2012. Kai Udert’s innovative research on waste water separation, decentralised technologies, nutrient and urine source separation and resource recovery enjoys the highest international recognition. In addition to conducting research, he is very committed to teaching.

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