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Otto Jaag Water Protection Prize for Lisa Scholten

November 24, 2014,

At the ETH Day 2014 Lisa Scholten was awarded the Otto Jaag Water Protection Prize for her dissertation. This prize is given in recognition of outstanding doctoral and master‘s dissertations on the topic of water protection and hydrology and was handed over by Prof. Dr. Lino Guzzella, Rector ETHZ. In her dissertation, Lisa examined the future challenges in relation to water resources, and how these can be tackled.

The existing lack of knowledge and data about the current condition of the infrastructure as well as the implications for future renovation requirements makes long-term planning for water resources difficult. Lisa developed an approach for making the best of this inadequate knowledge and for supporting the decision-making process in long-term hydrological infrastructure planning. To achieve this she used stochastic modelling of damage occurring to water pipelines, coupled with multi-criteria decision analysis for developing maintenance strategies. As part of the process, she took into account the preferences of the stakeholders and tested the robustness of proposed alternatives against uncertain future scenarios. Most of the findings from Lisa’s dissertation are also transferable to infrastructure planning for sewerage systems.

The dissertation was undertaken as part of the SNF research project, NRP 61: “Sustainable Water Management”.

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