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Sabine Hoffmann receives “Early Career Achievement Award” for transdisciplinary research

September 10, 2015,

At the International Transdisciplinarity Conference in Basel on 9th September, Sabine Hoffmann, a scientist in the Environmental Social Sciences department, was awarded the “Early Career Achievement Award” for her transdisciplinary work. The “Award for Transdisciplinary Research” is the largest prize awarded by the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences. It honours scientific work that extends beyond the laboratory, and on which scientists from different disciplines work together, often involving collaboration with non-academic parties in the research process. The project Vuna was nominated for the main prize.

As part of the National Research Programme NRP 61 on “Sustainable Water Use”, Sabine Hoffmann analysed synthesis processes. Her project “Knowledge Integration for Sustainable Urban Water and Wastewater Management” makes a significant contribution to the professionalization of managing transdisciplinary research, through the systematisation and description of methods of knowledge integration. Her recommendations and descriptions of the advantages and disadvantages of the various methods will also benefit researchers who are working on collaborative projects in the future.

Since June of this year, Sabine has held a tenure track position at Eawag, and she will be continuing to undertake transdisciplinary research in the department of Environmental Social Sciences, working at the interface between theory and practice.

Sabine Hoffmann (fourth from the left) and Kai Udert (second from the right) with the td-net jury and the other awardees. (© td-net)
Created by Katja Leicht