Annual Report

As the aquatic research institute of the ETH Domain, our research is in service of society. You can see this for yourself in our Annual Report. The annual compact review highlights the most relevant research results of the past year and shows how they were developed. It is published in German and English, and since 2013 also in French.

Eawag in the year 2021

Newly discovered glacial lakes, globally successful online courses and innovative solutions for overheated cities - these are just three examples from the eventful past year. Take a look back with us at the highlights from the areas of research, teaching and consulting.

AI for monitoring plankton communities
Thanks to machine learning methods, computers can automatically recognise and classify micro-organisms in Swiss lakes. In the future, the computers will help predict toxic cyanobacterial blooms, for example.
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1'200 new glacial lakes discovered
Climate change is causing the glaciers in the Alps to melt, leading to profound changes in the lake landscape in the Swiss high mountains. This is shown by a newly created inventory of all Swiss glacial lakes.
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Cooling urban wetlands
Global warming is leading to longer hot periods and more localised heavy rainfall. As a result, traditional urban drainage is rapidly approaching its limits. Blue-green infrastructure concepts need to be applied.
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The year 2021 in figures

Figures on finances, personnel, research and sustainability can be found on the overview page and in the 2021 annual financial statement.

Eawag in figures


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The Eawag annual reports from 1946 onwards can be found on the platform for open access to publications (DORA).